2021 James House Williamson Award Nomination

The James House Williamson (JHW) Award is given to only one recipient each year.

Tennessee SHRM’s highest honor, the James House Williamson Award, honoring the influence of a very significant Human Resources professional, is presented annually to one individual in recognition of significant contributions to the field of human resource management in Tennessee. All Nominations must be received no later than Wednesday, June 30, 2021.

1.  Purpose of the Award
To stimulate the development of sound human resources management in all of its various phases and to publicly recognize the work of those who have made significant contributions to this effort.

2.  Eligibility

All persons nominated shall have made significant contributions to one or more of the various phases of human resources management in the State of Tennessee.

3.  Presentation
The award shall be announced and presented at the annual TN SHRM Conference by the last awardee of the honor, or a person designated by TN SHRM. The recipient shall be unannounced prior to that time, including to the awardee.

The JHW Award Panel of Judges is composed of the five most recent recipients of the award, the most recent acting as chairman each year, and the TN SHRM Awards &  Scholarships Chair who shall serve as panel secretary and non-voting member of the panel (click here to view the most recent JHW Awards recipients). Only one award will be presented each year, or, at the discretion of the Panel, no award may be made, depending upon the panel’s evaluation of the accomplishments of those nominated. It shall be the duty of the JHW Award Panel to make the final selection of the person or persons to receive the award.

4.  Nominations
Nominations are normally submitted by human resources groups or SHRM chapters, but may be submitted by any person or organization that takes part in the activities of the TN SHRM  Conference.

If you know someone who fits the criteria, complete the form below.

Criteria for this award:

1.  Service to Employers: i.e., impact on the organizations in which the nominee has been employed in one or more of the various phases of human resources. Included should be documentation of positions held with organization, plus documentation of leadership in the application of encouragement of acceptance of sound professional human resources management principles, plus any new, creative, or unique responses to unusual challenges in human resources management.

2.  Service to Human Resources Profession: i.e., impact on the Human Resources profession. Included should be documentation of any legislative involvement including development, sponsorship, or promotion of progressive legislation strengthening the human resources profession. Also included should be documentation of leadership and service in advancing the quality of human resource services and the profession of human resources management.

3.  Recognition: i.e., honors received, offices held in other than local/state human resources organizations, published research or articles published, teaching/training activities for other than employer, or other recognitions or profession standing to include professional certifications related to one or more of the various phases of human resources.

4.  Civic Contributions: i.e., significant honors and accomplishments, other than human resources related, that can be show leadership and service to the nominee’s community, state, or nation.

5.  Local Human Resources Organization: i.e., Offices held within the nominee’s local HR organization, projects headed by the nominee or to which a significant contribution by this individual can be documented, committees chaired, etc., indicating leadership and service to the local organization by the nominee.

6.  State/National Human Resources Organizations: i.e., Offices held with TN SHRM and/or SHRM within the state organization, including committees on which the individual has served, in connection with statewide conferences or other related activities of either or both organization, and documentation or any offices held within other SHRM State organizations. Also included in this section would be presentations by nominee at conferences of either or both organizations.

Upon submission, your nominee will receive a notification by email from the nominating committee.